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Welcome to my Library! Here you will find may stories that I have written in many genera. Some Science Fiction, some Fantasy, and the occidental mixture of the pair. Some of the stories are furry, some are more transformation based, but they are all interesting in there own way.

Feel free to browse, and I hope you enjoy what you may find.

The Broken Covenant

Magic once flowed freely across the land, when a thousand years ago the mundane and the magic, man and elf shared this world. Ruled by a Covenant that gave both sides equal power, but in the quest to gain more, the Covenant was broken. Man survived only the dedication of a handful of people, and the world was split in twain. Man lived on Earth, putting aside magic, and living from it's own skill. Elfs lived in UnderHill, powerful, but isolated in there pocket universe. Shaped at there whim, it became a playground for there near imorotal pleasures.

With a new history, and a new future, the world of man grew, and changed. There were those who still knew of the magic, the wizards and witches who crafted it's power. The elfs who would some time come to our world, and the darker forces who came searching power, and death. They fight hidden wars, and secret battles, to keep the magic in balance with the world. Stopping the darkness before it can cover us all.

Metamor Keep

Metamor Keep is a shared universe that I sometimes take part in, and while not a regular in the universe I've done my share of stories. Usually these stories are with the help of other writers who are more familiar with the setting, and they stories wouldn't have been very good without their help.

Other Stories

Your Current Location is Chaos Keep : Stories
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